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Rules and Info


:bulletblue:Members: Do you have a love of One Piece? Do you have an OC, or are you willing to make one? If so, join us!

To join, click on the Join us button in the comment box. We would like you to provide a Link to your OC and fill out the form bellow.

Fruit Name:
Fruit Description:

For the full, detailed explanation, see the Rules and How to Join page. Any joining request not filling these requirements will be rejected.

Submitting art

:bulletgreen: Artwork will need approval from the admin(s) before it is accepted.

:bulletgreen: All artwork submitted for contests will be accepted, provided they meet the rules for that contest.

:bulletgreen: You may only submit to Faves three times per week.

:bulletgreen: The 'Featured Gallery' in Faves is for excellent examples of non-member artwork.

Advice on getting your submission accepted:
:bulletgreen: No sketches or unfinished work (pencil work is accepted, just no doodles).

:bulletgreen: Take some time to select your best work to submit.

:bulletgreen: Remember only submit work which is related to One Piece


:bulletred: Rules and How to Join :bulletred:
:bulletred: Creation Guidelines :bulletred:
:bulletblack: Fruit Encyclopedia:bulletblack:
:bulletblack: List of OCs :bulletblack:
:bulletblue: ANMB's Official Chatroom (and rules) :bulletblue:
:bulletgreen: Contests Log :bulletgreen: (not in use right now)
:bulletpurple: Suggestions :bulletpurple:
:bulletyellow: F.A.Q :bulletyellow:
:bulletorange: Home :bulletorange:


This page will be updated each time a contest ends and winner prizes are added into their accounts, also when members make purchases from The Devil Shop.

August 16, 2012:

:iconroxarah: has initiated a Pirate Crew! Ask her for more details!…
(10,000,000 beli has been paid)

:iconroxarah: has increased her bounty to 100,000,000
(90,000,000 beli has been paid)

August 9, 2012:

:bulletblack: "Strong World" Contest beli and Bounty has been rewarded, also all of the deviations are up to date. :D

June 9, 2012:

:bulletred: New stuff to buy in the Devil Shop :new:… :new:

:bulletblue: all the belis have been counted for.

October 14, 2011:

:bulletred: The Scarred Shark Pirates has bought a ship for 10,000,000 beli. :new:

October 2, 2011:

:bulletblack: "Summer Vacation" Contest beli has been rewarded, also all of the deviations up to date. :D

:bulletblue: Some new updates with beli rewards:

Group Art (any art that contains one or more OCs from ANMB)
-colored: 1,000,000 beli
-sketch/black-and-white/incomplete(WIP): 500,000 beli

One Piece FanArt (any art that has ONLY Oda Sensei's characters)
-colored: 800,000 beli
-clean lineart: 500,000 beli
-sketch/black-and-white/incomplete(WIP): 300,000 beli

Member Comics
-Each colored panel: 800,000 beli
-Each black-and-white panel: 500,000 beli
(if panels contain only words or are very small they may either not be counted or rewarded less beli)

Member Fictions
-ANMB Group related: 1,000,000 beli
-One Piece only: 800,000 beli
(if the fiction is very short or has lack of meaning, the fiction may be rewarded less beli)

Member Attacks, OC Role Models, and Devil Fruits (same as Group Art)
-colored: 1,000,000 beli
-sketch/black-and-white/incomplete(WIP): 500,000 beli

Buddy Collab
-colored: each artist receive 1,000,000 beli
-sketch/black-and-white/incomplete(WIP): each artist receive 500,000 beli
(if an artist did a lot more than another artist, then there might be beli differences)

OC Ref: 0 beli

-Base/non-pure work: -200,000 beli

:bulletblue: Any questions just ask!

June 10, 2011:

:iconpepsilight11: has initiated a Pirate Crew! Ask him for more details!…
(10,000,000 beli has been paid)

June 5, 2011:

:bulletblack: Role Model Contest, 10,000,000 beli for each participant and 20,000,000 beli additional for winners.

March 19, 2011:

:bulletblack: Secret Santa Contest, 10,000,000 beli for each participant.

:bulletblack: Member Attacks Contest, 10,000,000 beli for each participant and 20,000,000 beli additional for winners.

:bulletblack: Buddy Collab Contest, 10,000,000 beli for each participant and 20,000,000 beli additional for winners.

:bulletblack: All of the deviations from folders "Featured", "One Piece FanArt", "Group Art", Member Comics", "Club related", "Member Fictions", "Member Attacks (non contest)", and "Devil fruits (non contest)" up to date of March 19, 2011 since the day Akuma-no-mi-bu became a Group.

:bulletblack: You SHOULD have gotten a message (or two if I messed up :XD:) for each deviation you've submitted!

:bulletblack: All members can be found in this new list:…

If you think there are any miscalculations, please contact me ASAP!
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Hatreda Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist
Is this group no longer active? :O
PrisonerofConvention Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Erm, do you accept villains? 
DuskNinjaKenji Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Student Filmographer
Excuse me, would it be alright if I re-entered this group after my long hiatus? 8'D
Jericho-Nieves Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Name:Nieves "Obsidian Dragon" Lee

Fruit Name:Nipo Nipo Fruit

Fruit Description:Fruit has a M like shape,Taste great and gives you the feeling to eat more.Mostly crimson red in the center but the borders are a crisp black.

Dream:To meet the strongest warriors in the world



OZYL-chan Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Michi Kaoru (Michi is firstname)

Fruit Name: Hyōmen Hyōmen no Mi

Fruit Description: This fruit is shaped mostly as a rose, but it is kind of.. "rusty" too, if you'd like. It's white with blue shades and is coverd with some glassy lines. It tastes either good or bad, but it makes you want it more even though you can't put your decision if you like it or not.

Dream: Her biggest wish is to be noticed by the marines and obtain the title of a Shichibukai or admiral. She wants to be able to make a name out of her self.

History: She was born on a shipwreck when a great pirate was messing around the town and noticed a ship hidden at a shore hidden from sight. She was having hard times learning things as a child, but losing her family made her so weak, she decided to make a vow to get stronger so she would be able to protect people like herself. As she will age, she will become a pirate after a short period as Shichibukai. Having more freedom as pirate, she have got a rebell making chaos everywhere she goes.

Occupation: Ex-Marine/Pirate

Other: She is extremly flexible and is to be taken serious. She loves to play with her gaycouple and bestfriends, Yuki & Kizu.. (she is a yaoi-fangirl, yaaaaayyy :dummy:)
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